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The Hero Quest Guide, made for people who seek the guide,informations, and also can discuss about/ related to Hero Quests.


Table of contents:

i - Requirements for Hero
ii - The Quest Begins
iii - Becoming Glorified
iv - Hero Arena
v - Hero Ranking
vi - Obtaining Higher Rank Equipment
vii - Hero Equipment

i. Requirements for Hero

Before you can become a hero you must meet these requirements:

You must be base level 500 and job level 120.

ii. The Quest Begins

Once you are maxed level you warp to [ayo_in02 100 165] there you will talk to Sigmund he will tell you the Quest requirements for becoming a Hero:

You firstly will need a Posted Imagewhich is obtained from the MvP [Draconus] this monster can be found [mag_dun02]. It spawns once every 3 hours, you can check by using @uptime. [mag_dun02 = mag_dun01 241 241]

-Monster Statistics-
Level: 99
HP: 360000000 (360m)
SP: 1 (aka Infinite)
Def: 89
Mdef: 86
Str: 4381
Agi: 907
Int: 5281
Dex: 3143
Luk: 9999

ATK: 48000-64000
Range: 3~10~12
Size: Large
Race: Boss
Element: Ghost (Lvl4)

Draconus casts Lvl10 Meteor Storm and Storm Gust this deals damage from up to 100k x5/x10 hits. Its bowling bash is spammed, which is normally a 1 hit kill.
I've tried several builds to survive its bowling bash. It's impossible
It is a Ghost (Lvl4) element this means a Champ's Asura Strike or a Paladin's Sacrifice has absolutely no effect.
But you can kill it with Snipers. 400 luk + 2 Abysmal Knight & 2 Civil Servant card + Immaterial Arrow + Sniper Buffs = +/- 32k each hit
You also can check other's Guide How to kill Draconus in the Guide Section. Since now there are some ways to kill it.

Human Skulls

He will ask you to obtain 100 Unique Skulls, but you can use the same one
e.g Unknown's Skull x 100 (can be used)
As long as it's a humans skull it will be converted.

The Quest of Doom

5x Emperium - Drops : Mineral
5x Young Twig - Drops : Mistress
10x Ancient Tooth - Drops : Deviace
10x Biotite - Drops : Mysteltainn
50x Illusion Flower - Drops : Mavka
5x Oridencon - Selled in Mall
5x Elunium - Selled in Mall
5x Heroic Emblem - Drops : Orc Hero / Orc Lord / Mall
1x Emperium Anvil - Selled in Mall
30x Necklace of Oblivion - Drops : Jakk
30x Necklace of Wisdom - Drops : Marse
25x Gold - Drops : Am Mut
50x Executioner's Glove - Drops : Phendark
50x Blade of Darkness - Drops : Abysmal Knight
1000x Feather - Drops : Lunatic
5x Star Crumb - Drops : Mall
1250x Fabric - Whisper
500x Destroyed Armor - Drops : Tamruan
150x Trunk - Drops : Stone Shooter
5x Black Dyestuff O
5x Cobalt blue Dyestuff O
5x Scarlet red Dyestuff O
5x White Dyestuff O
10x Red Bijou O
10x Blue Bijou O
10x Green Bijou O
10x Yellow Bijou O
10x Fragment of Sorrow O
10x Fragment of Hatred O
10x Fragment of Despair O
10x Fragment of Agony O

O - These can be obtained through Gift Boxes
O - These can be hunted by killing Abyss Monsters
O - These can be hunted by killing Thanatos Maero/Odium/Despero/Dolor

Upon obtaining all these you will return to Sigmund in [ayo_in02 100 165] talk to him and if you have completed all the item requirements you will transcend to a Hero Class:
- Return to Level 1/1 Hero Class (e.g. Lvl 1/1 Hero Paladin)
- 2500 Stat Points
- 108 Skill Points
- Viri Ignis (aka Hero Aura) [+3% Atk, +3% Matk,Splash 3x3,1 Slot, Lower headgear]

iii - Becoming Glorified

Blacksmith Regin
After becoming a Hero, if you talk to Sigmund again he will mention about Blacksmith Regin at Einbroch.

Now warp to [ein_in01 28 85] and talk to Regin Posted Image, he will take the rest of the Hero Quest item. He tells you to wait a while for him to create the item. Now you must wait 2 hours ONLINE in order for him to finish.

Once finish click the NPC and you will have obtained your [GLORIFIED] equipment

iv - Hero Arena

The Hero Arena is the area where Hero's level and raise their Hero Ranks. Here you will also be able to obtain the strong Ranked Weapons.

First you must go to lighthalzen 40 240 and talk to the NPC named [Heimir] Posted Image. He will describe to you a quest to enter this arena.

In order to enter this arena you must have 200 honor kills (Meaning you pk someone that is your base level or higher) - Skip by jumping back to the hero temple
and find an item called a [Heaven Flower]

Heaven Flower can be found in [odin_tem03] in random locations.

There will be 3 possible spots of Heaven Flower

Posted Image
odin_tem03 171 306
Posted Image
odin_tem03 309 184
Posted Image
odin_tem03 236 115

This is not 100% drop rate. so, if you can't get the "Heaven Flower". you need to reset back to Heimir.

Once you have obtained 200 honor kills and a heaven flower return to Heimir and you will be warped to the [Waiting Room of the Heroes]

v - Hero Ranking

Each Hero starts off with D Rank, in order to reach higher levels you must:

-Kill Heroes in the Hero Arena
-Kill Monsters in the Monster Arena

Hero Experience Table

C - 12,553,600 Experience points
B - 48,567,000 Experience points
A - 131,072,000 Experience points
S - To be discovered

Rewards for Higher Hero Rank

vi - Receiving better Hero Equipment

Upon unlocking access to create better hero equipment you must find the npc that will create them, usually told to you by the npc in the hero arena waiting room. For each class its as follows

C - talk to Heimir, then he'll ask you to meet Hildebrand [lighthalzen 256 122]Posted Image. He'll give you Peridot (in Apple form), and go to WS Regin [ein_in01 28 85] and He will ask you to bring:
  • 100 Steel
  • 20 Emperium
  • 10 Star Crumbs
  • 10 Elunium
  • 10 Oridecon
  • 1 Peridot (It is an Apple form given from Hildebrand)
  • 20,000,000 Zeny

B - Implemented, The guide is after the Trial of Glory guide (scroll down)
A - To be discovered
S - To be discovered

vii - Hero Equipment
Hero Weapons
[Glorified Tsurugi] - [+5AGI, +5Critical][Attack:160]
[Mythril Saber] - [+6STR, +8AGI][+40Hit, +6%Movement Speed][Attack:190]
[Shamshir] - [+19Critical, Range +2, +14STR, +17DEX][Attack: 470]
[Ghoulblade] - [Undead Element][Attack: 370]
[Ragnarok] - [Attack: 610]

[Glorified Broadsword] - [ +9Def,+9Vit ][Attack: 270]
[Armada] - [+10Str, +12VIT][15% Damage Reduction Against Medium Sized Monsters][Attack: 320]
[Storm Bringer] - [ +12STR, +16VIT][ Water Property, 20% Damage Increase Against Fire Property][Attack: 460]
[Apocalypse] - [Attack: 380]
[God's Blade] - [Attack: 620]

[Glorified Damascus] - [+3AGI, Lvl5DoubleSlash][Pierce Human Defense][Attack:148]
[Cris] - [+10AGI,+15%Flee,+15%Hit][Pierce Human Defense][Attack:325]
[Exploda] - [+8Str,+12Agi][Enable to use Lvl 5 Magnum Break][Attack: 418]
[Orihalcon] - [Attack: 358]
[Kusai] - [Attack: 598]

[Glorified Jamadhar] - [+5 Critical, +6 ASPD][Attack: 295]
[Venom Tooth] - [+5Agi, +3Str][Poison Property Attack, 30% Chance Of Causing Poison][Attack: 225]
[Feral Claw] - [+12Str, +12Agi][+10Aspd, +20Critical][Attack: 415]
[Runic Talons] - [Attack: 405]
[Chakram] - [Attack: 645]

1H Axe
[Glorified War Axe] - [+7Dex, +7Luk][Attack: 275]
[Deathspade] - [+12Str][0.1% Chance To Cause Coma When Attacking With Normal Attacks][Attack: 345]
[Inferno] - [Attack: 655]

2H Axe
[Glorified Two Handed Axe] - [+15% Attack][Attack: 215]
[The Chieftain] - [ +12Str, +15Def,+10% Max. HP][Attack: 335]
[Stormrider] - [Attack: 695]

1H Spear
[Glorified Lance][+8 Str, -5 Def][Ignore Defense Monster, increase range +1%, increase defense when melee by 2%][Attack: 325]
[Dragoon Lance] - [+3Range, +9Str][5% Damage Reduction Against Melee Physical Attacks, 0.03% Chance Of Causing The Enemy To Bleed When Being Hit By Physical Damage][Attack: 275]
[Viper] - [+30 Attack][Attack: 625]

2H Spear
[Glorified Halberd] - [+7Str, +1Range, -5Def][2% Damage Reduction Against Melee Physical Attacks, 0.01% Chance Of Causing The Enemy To Bleed When Being Hit By Physical Damage, Ignore Def. Of All Monsters Except Bosses, No HP Regeneration]|Attack: 235]
[Dragon Tail] - [+10Str][5% Damage Reduction Against Melee Physical Attacks, 0.03% Chance Of Causing The Enemy To Bleed When Being Hit By Physical Damage][Attack: 315]
[Spirit Lance] - [Attack: 675]

2H Staff
[Spire of Lazarus] - [+30%MATK, +8Int, +10%Max HP][ 10% Reduction Against Magic Attacks][Attack: 250]
[Eternal Staff] - [ +36%MATK, +16Int, +20%Max HP, +40%Max SP, +12Dex][Casting Cannot Be Interrupted (Except In GvG), Skills Require No Gemstones (Except Hocuspocus; Requires 1), Hiding And Cloaking Players Can Be Seen][Attack: 270]

[Glorified Sword Mace] - [+9Str][Splash Attack Radius of 3x3][Attack: 260]
[Moonfall] - [Str +12][HP Recovery Rate +25%, SP Recovery Rate +15%, 2.5% Probability To Drain 5% HP When Attacking, 5% Probability To Drain 10% SP When Attacking][Attack : 320]
[Stormlash] - [+15Str][HP Recovery Rate +50%, SP Recovery Rate +30%, 2.5% Probability To Drain 10% HP When Attacking, 5% Probability To Drain 20% SP When Attacking, Water Property Defence][Attack: 390]
[Holy Maul] - [Attack: 370]
[Heaven's Light] - [Attack: 610]

[Glorified Tablet] - [+5Int, +5Max SP][Attack: 155]
[Divine Tome] - [+10Int, +10SP, +20%Matk][Holy Property Defence, Holy Property Attack, 50% Damage Reduced Against Dark Element][Attack: 275]
[Tears of Fallen Angel] - [Attack: 515]

[Glorified Arc Wand] - [+8Int, +19%Matk][Attack: 90]
[Willow Staff] - [+11Int, +24%Matk, +5Mdef][ 50% Damage Reduced Against Earth Element][Attack: 120]
[Staff of Sentinel] - [+14Int, +30%Matk, +10Mdef][Attack: 150]
[Divine Staff] - [Attack: 180]
[Wonderwind] - [Attack: 210]

[Glorified Gakkung] - [+6Dex, +3Range][Attack: 130]
[Elven Bow] - [+9Dex,+5Range][25% Probability Of Double Attack, Movement Speed +10%][Attack: 160]
[Gastraphetes] - [+12Dex,+8Range,+6Agi][10% Damage Reduction Against Melee Physical Attacks][Attack: 250]
[Shining Bow] - [Attack: 370]
[Soul Bow] - [Attack: 610]

[Glorified Finger] - [+5Str][4% Probability To Drain 10% SP When Attacking][Attack: 127]
[Cestus] - [+8Str, +10%Atk][4% Probability To Drain 10% SP When Attacking][Attack: 247]
[Viper's Fang] - [Attack: 487]

[Glorified Guhmoongoh] - [+8 Dex, +6 Int][Attack: 156]
[Divine Voice] - [Attack: 576]
[Mythril Harp] - [+16 Dex, 12 Int][+10 Aspd,+5 Range,+10 Citical][Attack: 274]

[Glorified Whip] - [+8Dex,+6Int][Attack:150]
[Sidewinder] - [+16Dex,+12Int][50% Probability Of Double Attack, Range +5, Critical +10][Attack: 270]
[Shadow Dancer] - [Attack:570]

Hero Armor

[Glorified Full Plate] - [+6% Max HP][Defense: 10]
[Brigandine] - [+6% Max HP][Defense: 10]
[Dragon Plate] - [+6% Max HP][Defense: 10]

[Glorified Holy Robe] - [+5 Mdef,+6% Max HP][15% Damage Reduction Against Demon Race, 10% Damage Reduction Against Dark Element][Defense: 10]
[Elven Tunic] - [+5 Mdef,+6 Max HP][15% Damage Reduction Against Demon Race, 10% Damage Reduction Against Dark Element][Defense: 10]
[Divine Robe] - [+5 Mdef,+6 Max HP][15% Damage Reduction Against Demon Race, 10% Damage Reduction Against Dark Element][Defense: 10]

[Glorified Tights] - [+1Dex][+6% Max HP][Defense: 6]
[Elven Suit] - [+1Dex][+6% Max HP][Defense: 6]
[Dragon Tights] - [+1Dex][+6% Max HP][Defense: 6]

Mage, Soul Linker
[Glorified Mage Coat] - [+1Mdef, +1Int][+6% Max HP][Defense: 5]
[Elven Robe] - [+1Mdef, +1Int][+6% Max HP][Defense: 5]
[Phoenix Coat] - [+1Mdef, +1Int][+6% Max HP][Defense: 5]

Thief / Ninja (?)
[Glorified Ninja Suit] - [+1 Agi, +3 Mdef][+6% Max HP][Defense: 7]
[Dark Elven Cloth] - [+1 Agi, +3 Mdef][+6% Max HP][Defense: 7]
[Dragon Cloth] - [+1 Agi, +3 Mdef][+6% Max HP][Defense: 7]

[Glorified Lord's Cloth] - [+1 Int,+5 Mdef][+6% Max HP][Defense: 8]
[Blast Mail] - [+1 Int,+5 Mdef][+6% Max HP][Defense: 8]
[Dragon Suit] - [+1 Int,+5 Mdef][+6% Max HP][Defense: 8]

Hero Garments
[Glorified Muffler] - [+10% resistance to Neutral Damage][Defense: 4]
[Glorified Manteau] - [+10% resistance to Neutral Damage][Defense: 6]

Hero Footwears
[Glorified Shoes] - [+10% Moving Speed][Defense: 4]
[Elven Shoes] - [+10% Moving Speed][Defense: 4]
[Winged Shoes] - [+10% Moving Speed][Defense: 4]

[Glorified Boots] - [+10% Moving Speed][Defense: 5]
[Mythril Boots] - [+10% Moving Speed][Defense: 5]
[Dragon Boots] - [+10% Moving Speed][Defense: 5]

[Glorified Novice Shoes] - [+5%Max HP, +10% Moving Speed][Defense: 2]
[Mythril Shoes] - [+5% Max HP, +10% Moving Speed][Defense: 2]
[Guidance] - [+5% Max HP, +10% Moving Speed][Defense: 2]

[Glorified Greaves] - [+10% Moving Speed][Defense: 5]
[Bone Greaves] - [+10% Moving Speed][Defense: 5]
[Dragon Greaves] - [+10% Moving Speed][Defense: 5]

Have Fun, with the Hero Quest

Credits to whom made the Guide and share the Script.

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B Rank Hero Quest

"Congratulations! Your Hero Rank has gone up to C!"

I'm sure after the 60 kills with the 2:1 ratio poofed you to the max. No? Great! Let's make you a B Rank!

Building Hero Experience Points:

Upon your Hero Class upgrade, you get a new option apart from making your C Rank equipment, just selecting the other option will Upgrade the Monster Arena your Hero can access. You were saying the first Monster Arena was pussy 'n easy? Let's see what we've got here!

In the C Rank Monster Arena, you will face:

Mistress of Shelter (100-200 HEXP)
Baroness of Retribution (100-200 HEXP)
Dame of Sentinel (100-200 HEXP)
Solace (100-200 HEXP)
Thanatos' Despero (300-400 HEXP)
Thanatos' Odium (300-400 HEXP)
Thanatos' Maero (300-400 HEXP)
Thanatos' Dolor (300-400 HEXP)
Eremes Guile (500-900 HEXP)
Seyren Windsor (500-900 HEXP)
Cecil Damon (500-900 HEXP)
Kathryne Keyron (500-900 HEXP)
Margaretha Solin (500-900 HEXP)
Howard Alt-Eisen (500-900 HEXP)
Valkyrie (2000-2600 HEXP)

Those are all the enemies and Hero EXP values corresponding to each enemy found in the C Rank Hero Arena. You'll see that this will be a tedious matter considering you'll have to gather 48.5Mil Hero EXP to change to B Rank. Well, things aren't that bad, you just need to work your way up and never give up! You can come to Monster Arena as many times as you want anyways! Oh, and sure! You can do Trial of Glory to build HEXP, but I'd rather go to the Monster Arena, it's funnier!

Clear the Trials!

When you get to this point you'll be cursing for a moment. Yes. Your second requirement to be called a B Rank will be clearing the Trials of Glory at least 1 time. That means, getting to the 10th round and killing everything without dying or running out of time. Just one time is enough! Do your best, I recommend going fully prepared at all times. Bring over your healers! You'll need 'em!

(Note: I don't know as of yet if the Hero Kills keep having any influence, but if you had a 2:1 ratio when you became C Rank, then try to keep it like that just in case and don't die anymore in the Hero Arena.)

Mommy Mommy! I'm B! (Well that title sounds very weird if I come to think about it, oh well)

"Posted Image

And now that you're a Rank B, the hard stuff's over. It's time to start your equipment quest!

Before starting this quest though, I'd pick all these items first:

100 Biotite (The hard part for items): Dropped by Mystelttain, the walking sword that appears in various maps with a low spawn rate. (Check the maps and spawns in either RO Empire or Rate My server, it's a lot of help)

500 Steel: Dropped my many metallic monsters or whatever. Your best bet is at Juperos where Vesper is, just mob-kill all the robots and you'll start getting the Steels up in no time!

20 Oridecon: You should have loads of them by now. If not, then pay a visit to Juperos and mob-kill.

20 Elunium: Do the same as with Steel and Oridecon.

20 Star Crumb: Miyabi Dolls are cute. It's a pity you gotta kill them.

1 Emblem of the Sun God: This can either be extremely hard or ridiculously easy. For the hard part, farm it from Draconus.
20,000,000 Zeny: Dunno, rob a bank.

Okay, this is a break-point from B Rank starters. The real quest begins now!

B Rank Equipment Making Guide:

Talk to Reginleif, the girl that informs you about your Rank at Hero Waiting Room. Tell her to Unlock your B Rank Equipment and she'll tell you to go to Payon in search of an old man called Vadun whose location is payon 129 178. He'll be surprised when you talk to him, and he'll tell you he can't help you, but maybe his son can, however, he asks for some donations first... Cough up 100k zeny and he'll tell you his son is roaming in pay_fild09. Okay, let's warp!

I can't tell you where Vidun is, he's like the new Vagrant Merchant. Looks like a player and moves around its map. However, there's a possibility this NPC likes roaming the middle part of the field. Posted Image

Once you find the knight, just hold Shift and Click him once. He'll start talking about his stuff and telling you he dropped an important item. He asks you to help him and when you accept, the quest begins!

You've got 5 minutes to find a special Poporing. It will be one bouncing around the middle too. There's NO WAY to tell any difference from other Poporings. Just make sure you're @autolooting. One of the Poporings you kill will cough up a Phoglobite Posted Image, so, before the 5 minutes run up, just return to where Vidun was (Don't worry, he'll be standing over there and won't move. Just make sure you had his coords written down to make it faster) and give him his item. He will be most grateful and give you the last item you need!

After you're given Spirit of Cooperation Posted Image, just make sure your item list is okay, and matches the same I gave above, plus the item Vidun gave you. All good? Last step then!

Go to Regin (The Smith you've visited before to make your D Rank and C Rank equipment) and tell him you want more equipment! He'll take all your items and 20,000,000 zeny and give you choices depending on your Job. Choose wisely! You can only get ONE!

Are you done? Congratulations on getting your B Rank Weapon! Make a party!

Trial Of Glory [In General Idea]

Finishing Trial Of Glory is one of the Hero requirement to be B rank Hero. Some of us having troubles on fighting and stay alive for 10 Stages.
Now, I will show you the General Idea how to kill those monsters.

[Stage - Monster - Element - Counter With]

1 - Blue Acidus - Wind - Kill with Normal/Earth Element
2 - Gold Acidus - Holy - Kill with Normal/Shadow Element
3 - Bloody Knight - Shadow - Kill with Neutral/Holy Element
4 - Baroness of Retribution - Shadow - Kill with Neutral/Holy Element
5 - Gemini - Water - Kill with Neutral/Wind Element
6 - High Wizard Kathyrne - Ghost - Kill with Water/Wind/Earth/Fire/Holy/Ghost Element
7 - High Priest Margaretha - Holy - Kill with Neutral/Undead/Shadow Element
8 - Whitesmith Howard - Earth - Kill with Neutral/Wind Element
9 - Thanatos Odium - Ghost - Kill with Water/Wind/Earth/Fire/Shadow/Undead/Ghost Element + Errende Ebecee Card (Auto-Pneuma)
10 - Sniper Cecil - Wind - Kill with Neutral/Fire/Earth Element + Errende Ebecee Card (Auto-Pneuma)

Note: Bold = Recommended To Use.

Status (In general, can be vary)
Melee Class
STR 500
AGI 195ASPD (150 ~ 160ish)
VIT 200 ~ 400
INT 9 ~ 99
DEX 150 ~ 200
LUK 500 (Make it hit 99 Perfect Dodge)

Magic Class
STR 100 ~ 200 (Carry Supplies)
AGI 9 ~ 150 (Magic Spams not really depend on ASPD)
VIT 200 ~ 400
INT 500
DEX 150 (Instant Cast)
LUK 500 (Make it hit 99 Perfect Dodge)

Hope its useful and Good Luck.

Under Construction

There is more additional Guides related to Hero Quest.

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